Terms of Service


Game platform agree to follow the provisions of this agreement and offer related service (web services) based on internet for the issued operation rules, for obtaining the web services, the service user (user) agree to all terms of this agreement and complete the registration by the prompts on the page. When user click the button ”agree” during the registration which means user fully accept the terms of this agreement. The terms updated by Game platform timely, and the revised service agreement will effectively replace the original service agreement once it is published on the page. User shall read this service agreement carefully before using the services from Game platform, if the user doesn’t agree this agreement or amend it, please stop using the service offered by Game platform. This application is for leisure and entertainment only, game process is fair and righteous. Anyone can not use it as gambling, using system bug or hack to get improper benefits is strictly forbidden, anyone breaks the terms will be liable for it and have consequences!

2、Copyright statement

The relevant copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets and any other rights or rights of the services provided by the Game platform shall be owned by the Game platform. Without the consent of the Game platform, no one or the user may remake, transfer, change or edit, or be liable for all those illegal activities.

3、User’s basic obligations

1、User commitment to his/hers true identity register as a user of the Game platform and ensure that personally information provided is true, complete, effective. According to the law and essential clauses agreed to the information given for the corresponding law responsibility.

2、The user has the obligation to keep the account and password properly when obtained by registration, and be responsible for a series of action that using the account and password to login the system. Users take all the responsibility for the password stolen or leaked, Game platform has no responsibility for this.

3、User should inform Game platform if found out the account or password used by other person or used under unusual circumstance. submit the prove that the account all of my relevant certification to apply for suspending login and using of the account. And Game platform has no responsibility for the compensation.

4、Game platform will take measures to suspend the login and use of the account that provided by user, Game platform should require user to provide and verify valid individual identity information that consistent with the registration information.

5、If user didn’t provide the valid ID card or the ID card isn’t consistent with the registration information Game platform has the right to deny the above requirement.

6、When user inquire password from Game platform due to forget or loss it must provide the whole correct registration information(registration time, city of first login), otherwise Game platform has the right to refuse as protection of user.

7、User agree to inform the Game platform when knows illegal account or bugs, meanwhile obey the following rules when applying the account. a、user name and nickname should respect internet morality, comply local laws and regulations. b、User name and nickname shall not contain the following words: Threat, threatening, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, profane, illegal, reactionary, inconsistent, offensive, harmful, defamatory or infringes on the intellectual property rights. No politics, national leaders or any words may cause the legal dispute.

8、If user trading account with person in reality life and cause dispute, Game platform is not responsible for it.

9、Any behaviors on Game platform when using the registered account shall comply all other serve terms of it.

10、After system review, Game platform has the right to take measures to stop or reclaim the account if user didn’t use it 6 months continuously, 3 months no login after first time or no use the account after registered within 1 month.

11、User inquiry for the service staff should be clarified, or Game platform has the right to terminate service any time.

4、User privacy system

Game platform shall never amend the user individual information, edit or reveal the password, name, address, cell, ID number and the non-public content in the registered information, unless under the law requirement or Game platform base on integrity believe it’s necessary to disclosure under the 4 situation:

1、Comply with relevant laws and obey the legal services procedures.

2、Maintain the trademark ownership of Game platform.

3、Maintain the privacy of user and public in an emergency.

4、Meet other relevant requirements.

5、Special rules for game data

1、Following behaviors are prohibited by Game platform:

(1)steal game account and coins(stealing game coins refers to that transfer, use and obtain without the coins holder allowance, or transfer, use and obtain the coins utilize the system bug Game has the right to clean the coins obtained by above methods by record).

(2)activities of acquire game account and coins by using the system bug or other abnormal ways.

(3)trading of account and coins in private, if suspected stolen account, the account will be reclaimed by system and sealed.

2、For user who violate the terms above, once found, Game platform would according to the seriousness to take measures like: Delete the page, confiscate coins, seal or delete account, even blocking the computer.

3、If Game platform finds out the abnormal in user account data, having the right to take measures including freeze and terminate the account, for cleaning up the game coins and other relevant data, the user can’t ask Game platform for compensation.

6、Terminate and change of services

1、Game platform has the right to stop and suspend the services for user by one of following circumstances happened:

a、User issue illegal information, violate the social morality and other regulation prohibited by laws.

b、User provide false registered information or behaviors against this agreement.

c、Necessary maintenance and work for the internet device.

d、Sudden failure of internet device.

e、Game platform can’t provide online service due to force majeure.

f、Requirement from relevant government institution.

2、The circumstance agreed herein, Game will be no responsible for user or any third person of the compensation as the damage or inconvenience due to Game platform stop, change the service provided.

3、User should know and agree that Game platform service would be stop, interruption, terminate and user profile losing due to cooperative partner or failure of the software and hardware of the related telecom system, partner or relevant telecommunication staff careless mistake for all or part interruption, temporarily unavailable or service stop, interruption or user profile losing due to people invade the Game platform system, forge and change the data, user cant require Game platform to offer any compensation.

4、Under this agreement , Game platform cancel, stop or limit the user qualification, user can’t require for compensation.

5、Game platform shall have the right of unilateral determining add, modify, delete, suspend or terminate part or all of service provided according to its judgment(including and not limited to add, suspend or terminate the operation of a game) and no need to notify user individually, user can’t require the compensation for it.

6、Game platform does not guarantee that its service will not have any bug, and shall not be liable for any problem arising from there.

7、Methods of penalty for user violation

User violation refers to that user violate Game platform forum service clause, Game platform cheat clause and any service or management regulation of Game platform. the penalties of user violation are as follows:

1、If user violate the user service clause, Game platform would according to the seriousness to take measures like: Delete the page, confiscate coins, seal or delete account, even blocking the computer. No compensation or refund requirement allowed.

2、If user cheat, he/she will be punished by the clause of Game platform cheat punishment.

3、If user violate the Game platform forum service clause, he/she will be punished by the clause of Game platform forum service clause.

4、If user violate other Game platform service clauses, he/ she will be punished by corresponding clause. There is no mutual among those Game platform clauses, can be executed individually.

8、Modification of terms

Game platform reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time, Game platform will issue an announcement on relevant website, not notify individually. If user does not agree to the amendment, he/she can stop using the Game platform services. It’s deemed that user accept the amendment when he/she continue using the Game platform services.